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We currently offer three photography workshops -- see the workshop descriptions below to find out more about them. We plan to add more workshop topics, including lighting, composition, and editing, so please let us know if there's something in particular you'd like us to offer!

Introduction to Digital Photography

Do you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera, but you have no idea how to use it outside of the automatic setting? Does the idea of reading an instruction manual make you nauseated? Are you interested in taking amazing pictures of your kids but feel a bit intimidated by the technology behind your camera? With an investment of just a few short hours, we’ll get you grounded in the basic definitions and controls on your digital SLR/mirrorless camera so that your photos of your child’s big milestones can be as beautiful and moving as the moments themselves!  Come join a hands-on workshop where you can learn, explore and shoot with your camera alongside a bunch of other fellow mamas!

Working with Natural Light in Manual (M) Mode

Have you started to explore the shooting modes in your camera but have been shying away from shooting in Manual Mode because it seems too overwhelming? Have you been experimenting with shooting in Manual and are frustrated that you can't consistently get the shots you want?


This workshop is designed for mamas who have basic familiarity with their digital cameras, have been shooting in the semi-automatic modes (P, A/Av and S/Tv mode), and are ready to take the leap into the fun-filled world of shooting in manual (M) mode!


The workshop will cover:

  • A brief review of the exposure triangle and focus settings

  • Understanding metering

  • Exposing for different lighting situations


To apply the concepts, we'll have hands-on shooting exercises and live models to practice on (we'll be looking for some mamas with newborns, so please let us know if you have any friends who might want to model!)

Introduction to Post-Processing: Lightroom

Do you want to get a better handle on what to do with your photos AFTER you download them to your computer? Do you want to make sure your photos have the right color and sharpness for enlargement and display in your home? How about learning how to turn your color image into the perfect black and white? Do you want to make your portraits really pop?


This evening workshop will get you oriented in basic post-processing definitions and concepts.  It will also provide an introduction to the most essential features of Lightroom, a popular post-processing program used by many professional photographers.


Note: Lightroom is a powerful program and it would take several sessions to cover its full functionality.  Our goal for this evening workshop is to orient those who are intimidated by the software and haven't done much post processing yet, or who are familiar with Lightroom but want to learn to be more efficient and effective!

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